Defense Websites

Programmatic design for IBM Defense

Thinking strategically to create an experience that scales

IBM wanted an interactive experience that could adapt to defense industry trade shows in the UK, US, and Germany and serve as a one-to-one discussion piece for sales meetings. That meant developing expertise in a wide range of military technologies and creating a design system that could flex and scale.

Inspired by the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), a military decision-making model, we created a hexagonal grid that could combine, expand, and reconfigure into a myriad of layouts.

Catalysis writers conducted dozens of interviews and reviewed thousands of pages, presentations, white papers, and articles to create 22 cases studies with 115 pages of interactive content.

All the design and production work, including client review, happened in a single Figma canvas where multiple hands could work in parallel across dozens of case studies and hundreds of assets. The result: a single, fluid production engine that adapts quickly with minimal friction.


3 countries, 3 websites
6 domains
44 case studies

“The new 'IBM Powering Decision Advantage Defense Interactive' created a positive impression and drove client interest and engagement. So far we scanned over 400 potential clients at the IBM booth.”